Frequently Asked Questions

How can Wilson International Network: Immigration Corp. help me?

We can assist you through every stage and phase of your immigration concern, whether it is the hiring of a temporary or permanent employee, assistance with the extension of the status of existing staff, or helping family members. We are here to help you. We can also help you to obtain proof of Canadian Citizenship, which, unlike a passport, does not expire.

Can Wilson International Network: Immigration Corp. make the application process faster?

In many cases we can. As the government departments have downsized, they have switched to mail-in procedures. These “kits” are often reviewed at a clerical level, and if they do not meet the recognized standard they are simply returned without contract, or the benefit of the doubt. The idea is to known the first time how to proceed and with what information.

Do I need a Consultant?

The problem that many people face today is that there are few people who are able to answer their questions. The use of an immigration consultant will not only help to expedite the often lengthy processes involved, but also help to ensure that all matters are taken care of effectively. We take the time to understand your problem and work with you towards a solution.

What separates Wilson International Network: Immigration Corp. from other consultation firms?

Wilson International Network: Immigration Corp. is a firm of highly experienced immigration and citizenship professionals, under the direction of Ann M. Wilson, a former Citizenship Judge with over 20 years of involvement with Canadian Immigration. Wilson Immigration also chooses to hold membership in the Organization of Professional Immigration Consultants, and other respected organizations, such as the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Over twenty years of serving the Calgary market and everyone around the world, you can be assured that we will be here for you today, and tomorrow.